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Samantha &


Matrimonio a Capo Campolato di Siracusa

17 Luglio 2022

I am so proud to present you this multicultural wedding.
The bride comes from Singapore and the groom from Catania, Sicily.

Samantha & Lorenzo, two different worlds that meet true love. They made us all crying, by the strength of their connection. As photographer I felt honored to tell this amazing story. I will never forget the Gate Crush Game, the smell of spices, the feelings of exctiment, the hylarious moments and the very touching ones. The vows were magic. I loved so much hearing the words they spent for each other. I couldn’t stop my tears: they’re so beautiful and in love. I wish them all the best, lot of success and happiness, a huge family and endless health.

Thank you Sam & Lorenzo for choosing me. I can’t be happier than this.

Valentina Pellitteri
Filippo Morabito
Secondo Fotografo
Antonio Allone
Francesco Greco
Un’altra meravigliosa storia d’amore…


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